Our volunteers visit community centers regularly and read with the children there one-on-one.


We offer these services to children in low-income communities to prepare them for school and to get them excited about reading and learning.


Reading regularly with children has been proven to positively impact their performance in school and provide them with a greater opportunity for success. Our Evidence →

Starting at Home

Our founder, Jack Grote, strongly believes that improving literacy and fostering a lifelong love of reading begins in the home. That’s why Same Page sends each child home with a book.

Jack wanted to make an impact at home as well. That’s why our pilot program is set to kickoff in January, 2017 in his hometown of Delaware, Ohio. We have recruited volunteers from the local high schools to go to the Liberty Community Center and read with the children there one-on-one.

Our Goal is to expand into the communities surrounding ALL of Central Ohio and, eventually, as far as this story takes us.

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