Our Mission


The mission of the Same Page Foundation is to inspire today’s children to become tomorrow’s leaders, one page at a time.


The Same Page Foundation envisions a world where every child has a book to read and somebody to read it with them.


The Same Page Foundation partners with existing organizations that offer childcare services to low income communities. Our volunteers visit the locations regularly and read with the children one-on-one. Additionally, we provide books to the children in the hope that their love for reading will continue to grow at home. We offer these services primarily to children who have not yet started kindergarten with the goal of providing them a strong foundation for their education.

We source our volunteers from local high schools, recruiting students who are active within the community and looking for another opportunity to make a difference. Students that are regularly involved with our work are eligible to enter an essay contest and have the opportunity to win a scholarship sponsored by The Same Page Foundation. Each year, we award a $500 scholarship to one student volunteer from each high school that is involved with our program, helping these students to write the next chapter in their own story.

Why We Do It

  • We believe that an open book is an open door. Reading regularly with children positively impacts their performance in school, thus leading to greater opportunities for success.
  • We believe that every child should have access to these opportunities regardless of the circumstances from which they come.
  • We believe that reading can create a stronger, closer community by offering the reader an entirely new perspective and provide a deeper understanding of our neighbors.
  • We believe that reading one-on-one with children increases their love for reading and, by doing so, helps to create a generation of empathetic individuals that will be a part of that stronger, closer community.
  • We believe that the time spent reading with a child is the greatest gift a parent can give them, and we believe that each child should experience this gift.
  • Mostly, we believe that we can do something about this.

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